New pattern: Carnation Cati

Carnation Cati crochet pattern

Carnation Cati is a very social and outgoing girl. She loves to meet other flowers and wants to talk to everybody. Her favorite place to go is the large open space in the forest. All the flowers meet there to have fun and go dancing. Cati loves to dance to all kinds of music and birdsongs. And when she is tired of dancing, she joins some flowers to talk to and drink droplets of water together. She hopes she will meet you there some day too.

Crochet pattern is available here: Carnation Cati.

I am very proud the pattern for the Carnation Cati amigurumi flower doll is now online. It is a lot of work making, testing and translating patterns and I am grateful for all the help I have gotten from very kind people. A special thanks goes to translators Doris, Julia Sierra, Corinna Capecchi, Emilie leHandmade, Delphine Darthial, Mercédesz Müller, Marta Jastrzębska and Helle Grandt. They worked very hard to translate the pattern. Without them it would not have been possible.

And it is not only translating that has to be done. After translations, it has to be checked, double checked and tested. The entire pattern has been test crocheted in every language. Thank you Natalie van Dalen, Marjan Groen-Klaver, Sandra Dahms, Claudia Bock, Nanette Sobiech, Sandrine Manceau, Beatrice Mauhourat, Mélanie Cador, Cecile Giraud, Claudia Gabriela Avila Ortiz, Marcia Cantu, Estrella Ruiz Mtnez, Marta Ojea, Marta Aldrighetti, Noriana Marangon, Selene Lit Caldieri, Fabia Crepaldi, Renata Oszlánczi, Daniella Perge, Barbara Lóczi, Laura Olah, Gosia Paluch, Iwona Janiak, Ewa Zagawa, Anita Luiza Oleszczuk, Laila Thomsen, Bettina Vang, Pia Thomsen, Tanja Salmon and Hanne Mounier.

And thank you to everybody who put in an effort. Your support means a lot!