Hungarian crochet patterns

Welcome Hungary! Zabbez is very proud to announce its Hungarian translations! All patterns are now available in Hungarian for download. It is a lot of work translating patterns and I have had a lot of help from very kind people.

A very special thanks goes to translator Mercédesz Müller. She worked very hard to translate all the patterns to Hungarian. I have had extensive contact with her and I really enjoyed working with her. Without her it would not have been possible.

And it is not only translating that has to be done. After translations, it has to be checked, double checked and tested. All patterns have been test crocheted by a lot of volunteers. Thank you Daniella Perge, Renata Oszlánczi, Barbara Lóczi, Erika Meszaros, Bernadett Bazsó, Laura Diós-Dajka, Erika Sebok, Ibolya Némedi, Gabriella Hangyál, Brigitta Lapis, Noémi Horváth, Edina Csordás, Anita Balás, Ágnes Freiler, Annamária Miklós, Tímea Balla, Monika Hajas, Marianna Ver, Katalin Borbely, Luca Pillangu, Monika Zsolnai, Ágnes Tóth and Laura Olah.

And thank you to everybody who put in an effort. Your support means a lot!

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Hungarian flower doll crochet patterns