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I am Bas a crocheter and my superpower is designing and creating a colorful fantasy world. My designs grow with yarn and love and they come to life in my studio in Rotterdam.

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I have always been inspired by nature, plants and flowers. To balance my urban city life I have painted the walls of my apartment green and surrounded myself with lots of house plants. Here my designs come to life. Doing crochet and designing new patterns make me happy. I love creating a fantasy world. My dolls show all the colors of the rainbow and they are a lot of fun to crochet. I am sure they will bring you happiness!

My Zabbez adventure started with a yellow Sunflower that loves to fly to the sun. Soon new designs followed and my fan base kept on growing. All my dolls are made with yarn, love and a lot of fun. I am happy my dolls have touched so many of you and in return, many have touched me as well. I am grateful for all the nice people I have met during this adventure, both in real life as online. Thanks to all the volunteers who help me share the love.

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Do you want to help? I love hearing from volunteers who want to translate, test or interview me for their blog or socials. So are you interested to help translate? Have a question or want to write an article about Zabbez? I invite you to leave me a note.

Bas den Braver