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My name is Bas den Braver and I am Zabbez. I love designing and creating a flower fantasy world. I put a lot of effort in making my crochet patterns and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do making them.

I live in the Netherlands in the city of Rotterdam. To balance this urban city life, I have painted the walls of my apartment green and surrounded myself with lots of house plants. I am inspired by nature, plants and flowers. It is this world where my flower dolls come to life. Doing crochet and designing new patterns make me happy. To you too, I wish you lots of happiness!

Read all about how Zabbez got started on: The Making Of.

Interviews and appearing on blogs
I love the online crochet community and I love to contribute. If you have a website or blog I encourage you to do an item about Zabbez, a review about one of the dolls or an interview. Let me know if I can help. Also if you want to do a cool collaboration, let’s see if we can give the online crochet community a little more flowers. I invite you to contact me.

Bas den Braver

Bas den Braver