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If you are new to crochet or if you are a die hard crocheter, there is always something new to learn. I am self taught through website tutorials, youtube video’s and just crocheting and trying. For my patterns you need to know several basic techniques. I recommend the tutorials from June Gilbank on Planet June: I have listed some of her tutorials down below.

Magic ring for crochet by June Gilbank

Invisible decrease by June Gilbank

Front loops, back loops, both loops

Changing colors by June Gilbank

Perfect stripes by June Gilbank

Loopstitch by June Gilbank

General crochet translation scheme for several languages

English (US) English (UK) Dutch German French
Chain (ch) Chain (ch) Losse (l) Luftmasche (Lm) Maille en l’air (ml)
Stitch (st) Stitch (st) Steek (st) Masche (M) Maille (m)
Slip Stitch (slst) Slip Stitch (slst) Halve vaste (hv) Kettmasche (Ktm) Maille Coulée (mc)
Single Crochet (sc) Double Crochet (dc) Vaste (v) Feste Masche (fM) Maille Serrée (ms)
Half Double Crochet (hdc) Half Treble (htr) Half stokje (hstk) Halbes Stäbchen (hStb) Demi-bride (db)
Double Crochet (dc) Treble (tr) Stokje (stk) Stäbchen (Stb) Bride (b)
Treble Crochet (tr) Double Treble (dtr) Dubbel stokje (dst) Doppel Stäbchen (DStb) Double Bride (Db)
Magic loop / ring (mr) Magic loop / ring (mr) Magische lus / ring (ml) Schlinge (Schl.) L’anneau
Increase (inc) Increase (inc) Vermeerderen Zunehmen (zun) Augmentation (augm)
Decrease (dec) Decrease (dec) Samen (sam) Zusammenhäkeln (zus) Diminution (dim)
Back loop only (BLO) Back loop only (BLO) Door achterste lus (dal) In die hintere Schlinge le brin arrière uniquement
Front loop only (FLO) Front loop only (FLO) Door voorste lus (dvl) In die vornere Schlinge le brin avant uniquement
Round (rnd) Round (rnd) Toer (tr) Runde (Rd.) Rang (rg)

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