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Meet the happy flower friends. They are out in nature, in a field or in your city park.
And you might not know it, but they are even in your garden and in your home in a vase.
Flower friends are fun to crochet and they bring a little happiness in your life.

Danish translations available

Danish translations available

Welcome Denmark! Zabbez is very proud to announce its Danish translations! All patterns are now available in Danish for download. It is a lot of work translating patterns and I have had a lot of help from very kind people. A very special thanks goes to translator Marianne. She worked very hard to translate all the patterns Read more…

Vote for the next flower doll

Did you know you can help decide what the next flower doll is going to be? Do the poll and let me know what flower you want next!

What color do you want the next flower doll to be?

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Bas den Braver My name is Bas den Braver and I am Zabbez. I love designing and creating a flower fantasy world. I put a lot of effort in making my crochet patterns and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do making them. Let's bring some flowery happiness! Read more about me...