Giant Onion Pompom tutorial

Giant Onion Otto is enjoying the sun and enjoying his walk in the fields. Today all the Giant Onions (also known as Allium Gigantea) are blooming. Otto loves this time of year and gathers around all the beautiful purple flowers. Time to make some extra flowers of your own. Here is how!

giant onion pompom tutorial materials

You need, of course, purple cotton. Use the same color as in the Giant Onion flower crochet pattern, or choose any shade of purple you like. Furthermore you need pliers, scissors, green coated metal wire (or florist wire) and a pompom maker. There are several different pompom makers on the market available today and you can even just use a piece of cardboard to make a pompom. Search the internet for the desired method of your choice. Down below I will explain one way of making a pompom with a pompom-maker.

giant onion pompom tutorial explanation

Step 1. Wrap the yarn around the pompom-maker until the entire circle is filled with yarn.
Step 2. Close the pompom-maker and cut with sharp scissors all around the pompom.
Step 3. Tie a string of cotton or wire around the middle of the pompom and pull tight.
Step 4. Cut away any yarn that is too long and make a fairly round pompom.

giant onion pompom tutorial steps

Step 5. To make the stem, with pliers, cut a piece of wire in the desired length.
Step 6. Push the wire through the center of the pompom.
Step 7. Bend the end of the wire around and pull the wire back through the pompom.
Step 8. Use pliers to bend the end into the center of the pompom to secure it in place.

Finished! Now make as many Giant Onions as you want and enjoy!